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Changes to the Look of your home?

We all want our homes to look their best! Everyone's idea of "best" is a bit different, so we have an Architectural committee that reviews and approves/denies various projects based on the standards of our Covenants as well as an aesthetically (and practical) pleasing look for the neighborhood. For most things that would be considered "permanent" changes (shingles, fences, major landscaping, exterior paint color changes, etc) you must get approval by filling out an Architectural (ARC) request and submitting appropriate documentation, plots, and renderings (where appropriate). While we know this can be frustrating, it is the best way to keep the look of the neighborhood cohesive, while still allowing the human element of variety to be in play! Go to TownSq to submit a request!



You've been driving around and seeing all different styles of mailboxes, but some are different colors, shapes, numbers, etc. What's "correct"? Click here to see the exact Specs of what your mailbox should look like! This is something that is NOT negotiable and everyone MUST have the same color and lettering/numbers. Failure to do so may result in a violation from the HOA and could prevent you from having access to amenities or potentially being able to sell your home. We have recently added a more economical version of the mailbox post if you want to DIY. The easiest option is to contact Mailbox Solutions or Otto's Streetscape Solutions.


Need to replace the shingles on your roof? Great news! We have several pre-approved single manufacturers & colors that will get approved in the Architectural Review process. Please note: ALL replacements must receive Architectural approval so that the HOA has a record of the change. If you're using a pre-approved color, it will make your life much easier with the roofing company and you won't have any problems getting approved. If you (or the roofing company) don't use the pre-approved shingle and you don't get approval through the Architectural Review Committee, the homeowner may be subject to re-doing the entire roof to meet the specs laid out for Deer Path Neighborhood! Please follow the guidelines and make it easier on everyone!  

Charcoal Gray - IKO_edited.jpg

Doors, Trim & Siding 

We all have preferences and tastes when it comes to paint colors, but we must adhere to general guidelines to maintain continuity in the neighborhood. Here are the current approved colors for doors, siding and trim. While siding doesn't always have exact matches, you are requested to find a neutral tone close to one of these approved colors. As all major change, you must first receive ARC approval before making the change. You can submit your request on TownSq!

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