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Annual Meeting 2024 - Details coming soon!

Annual Meeting 03/15/2023

Each year, we have an "annual meeting" to Vote on HOA Board members and go over important topics related to the community. For the first time in several years, we hit Quorum on 3/15/2023! This means your newly elected Board of Chase Eaton, Amanda Morrow, Raven Earley, Robert Gomez, and Kevin Shumaker have been voted in and we are ready to serve YOU! We will be updating you soon on projects we are working on and can't wait to get to know you as members of our awesome community!

Quarterly "Town Hall" Meetings

We want to bring our residents' openness and Peace of Mind to their community. At our quarterly Town Hall meetings, we encourage residents to come to get up updates from our board members and learn about upcoming events. We'd love any feedback and suggestions on how to make our community better! Next meeting will be announced soon!

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