Crime Watch

What is the objective of the Crime Watch?
The Crime Watch is meant to be a networking tool for neighbors to gain knowledge of criminal activity that has or is taking place in the neighborhood. When a person enters our neighborhood and sees the Crime Watch signs, it should send a message to that person. They should know that the residents in this community are watching out for each other and do keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. The “key” is actually doing this and calling the police anytime you see something odd.
How does it work?
We have already established a solid base of over 400 residents, including 20 Block Captains. These residents contact the police, depending on the urgency of the situation (Emergency 911, non-emergency 773-1300 or the Tip hot line
The Block Captains also have an added responsibility to recognize when a new resident moves in. The Block Captain will reach out to that new neighbor and provide them with the Crime Watch information to join. When a resident has a question or thinks there is something that needs to be sent out to the entire Crime Watch list they should contact the Crime Watch at
What information will the Crime Watch send out via email?
Most commonly all that will be directly sent out from the Crime Watch is a monthly report showing the dispatch calls made to our addition. This report will show you how many calls and the call type. However, this information is available to anyone on a daily basis via the web site . You can set-up alerts for your address or simply review what has happened by selecting specific search criteria.
How do I contact the Crime Watch?
Any questions, concerns or inquiries can be sent to
If you want to know more specifics about something that is going on or you do not feel comfortable contacting the police, please email the Crime Watch. The Crime Watch does have a direct report with the Police department and can always obtain more information for you.

What do I report to the Crime Watch?
Please only report things that are of a criminal nature; lost pets, found pets, maintenance issues, parking violations, etc. ARE NOT criminal acts and should be reported to the appropriate forum (see below). Please remember, the police must catch the suspect in the act, so it is critical that you use 911 and the non-emergency 317-773-1300 for these situations.
What do I report to the police?
Suspicious persons, break in, theft, suspected drug activity, vandalism, animal attack, fighting, verbal altercations. Typically, if you feel compelled to email the Crime Watch or post something on Facebook you should be calling the police first.
How do I find out why the police were in our neighborhood?
The easiest and most reliable way is to visit and type your home address into the search box, include your zip code. This is updated every 24 hours. If you do not find something on this report or want more specific information about something that you see, please email
Is the Crime Watch part of the Facebook or HOA?
Each of these is a separate community services ran by different residents. At times there may be information that one may ask the other to share, simply to reach every resident possible.

The Deer Path Crime Watch Program was formally recognized by the Noblesville Police Department in the fall of 2011. Crime Watch signs were installed at community entrances, and to keep these signs Deer Path needs to maintain homeowner interest in the program. 
If you are interested in participating, please send an email to:
Please include the following information: First and Last name, complete address, emergency phone number to be used only to inform you of an incident involving your property, and the email address that you wish to receive crime watch communications at.
Your information will be forwarded to the Deer Path Crime Watch Coordinator. You will begin receiving information from the Noblesville Police Department, regarding recent criminal activity in our area.
The Noblesville Police Department recognizes that community participation in crime prevention programs is essential to improving the quality of life in the City of Noblesville. One of the most effective ways to promote citizen interaction with police is sharing of information. The Neighborhood Watch Program encourages this partnership between the police and community. It is a program of neighbors watching out for other neighbors, particularly during times when criminal activity would likely occur. Neighborhood Watch Programs are a means by which citizens can address immediate crime problems, focus on home security, and build neighborhood cohesion.
CLICK HERE to learn more:
To report suspicious activity directly to the Noblesville Police Department via email -
**WARNING: This email account is not monitored 24-hours a day and should not be used to report urgent matters requiring immediate police response. Information that meets that criteria must be reported by calling 911 or 317-773-1300. 
The Noblesville Police Department (NPD) is pleased to announce that citizens can now gain access to neighborhood level crime incident data in near real time. "Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is one of our top priorities, because an informed public is a safer public," said Police Chief Kevin Jowitt.  "This system will give us the ability to keep the public informed on a regular basis as to what is going on in the community."
The public can access the free crime data through  or through the Crime Reports iPhone app, which is available for free download in the Apple iTunes store.  This service also lets citizens sign up for free customizable email updates so that they can monitor crime in their neighborhood.  When searching, a person would enter the address of his/her home or business where the site asks "Enter an address" and then click on "Search."  An address may be entered as "123 Main Street, Noblesville, IN", "Main Street, Noblesville, IN", or simply "Noblesville, IN".  Icons are then visible on a map of the designated area.  Clicking on an icon will provide further information about that incident.
Data updates will be uploaded every six hours.  The system allows users to customize a time frame to search for incidents anytime within the previous six months.  If citizens would like additional information about a certain incident shown on, they may call NPD's Records division at (317) 776-6342 or stop by the Noblesville Police Department (135 S. 9th Street) Monday through Friday from 8-4:30pm.
More than a thousand other law enforcement agencies of all sizes across North America are sharing their crime information with the public through the national crime map.
The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department has launched a website to help people keep tabs on local sex-crime offenders. The website  allows residents to enter an address and see a map of where registered offenders live within a two-mile radius. Also, people can sign up to be notified via e-mail if another offender moves into their neighborhoods. People can also sign up for e-mails to be updated when a specific offender relocates.
The site also assists police to track whether offenders are violating safety buffers around schools, child-care centers, and churches. Nearly all 92 county sheriffs' offices have a link to the site. Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell said a parent used the site to discover her daughter had been going to sleepovers at a convicted sex offender's home.
Indiana Sheriffs Association Executive Director Steve Luce said police can use the site to learn the type of vehicles offenders drive, their e-mail addresses, and other information. Luce expects the site to draw 100,000 visitors.
Please visit the Noblesville Action Center:
Here you can access documents and forms such as Vacation Watch Request Form, Citizen Action Request Form, Report City Ordinance Violations and more.